The ‘Play to Train’ experience in the heart of Sicily

The project “Play to Train,” implemented by OPES and its partners Academy Rudhi Hiti and Champions Factory, is occurring through the activities carried out by its participants in Italy, Slovenia, and Bulgaria. Behind the common goal of promoting gender equality in the field of sport, and coaching in particular, the participants have planned various activities to be implemented in their local territories.

In Serradifalco, the heart of Sicily, the Sempai Olga Lopresti is carrying out the Play to Train project with the involvement of the Sport Association Koshido Budo. 

The discipline chosen to implement the Play to Train project is the Martial Art Koshido Budo by Sensei Michele Lattuca. This Martial Art focuses on the harmonious and complete development of the individual in all its dimensions, enhancing identity, autonomy, and the abilities of each practitioner with the intent to increase his/her psycho-physical potential.

There is, therefore, a tendency towards the global development of each individual who, through an unceasing search for perfection in the execution of the physical gesture, can also reach spiritual elevation by trying to find the balance between mind, body and spirit.

In Serradifalco, six girls between the ages of 15 and 18 chose to get involved, with each girl having either a black, brown, and blue belt,.

They were given the task of managing small groups of three children each during the lesson. Under the supervision of Sempai, the girls in the role of coach had the task of accompanying the little ones in their technical execution by working with the mirror approach or guiding them along the gymnastic-motor path.

From the beginning, it was clear that having a plan aimed to achieve defined objectives  is a  crucial and essential aspect for carrying out the activities. For this reason, the Sempai has structured the trainings to include briefing moments during which objectives for each mini-group are identified and the activities clearly structured to achieve them.

Though the girls recognized that the project is an important opportunity to grow and it pushes them to be their best, switching from student to coach is not easy for them. 

Good luck to the girls!!! We will continue to follow their activities on Facebook and Instagram through the channels: Koshido Budo and koshidobudo and on our website.

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