Value-generating resources

Our mission is to promote a program that generates value for the community and for the individual through grassroots sport.

About us

Born in 1980, today OPES is a national Third Sector Network and a Sports Promotion Body recognized by CONI. Promotes and organizes, non-profit, small and large events and sporting, cultural, social promotion, voluntary, training and recreational projects, of a local, national and international character, with the aim of promoting integration, social inclusion, education, aggregation and all those values ​​that can bring benefits to the community. Each initiative aims to leave a new awareness to the country: the search for the common good for oneself, for the territory and for society.

Over the years, thanks to widespread activity throughout the country and the quality of the work and services offered, the numbers of OPES have grown exponentially to the point of boasting 800,000 members, approximately 10,000 registered associations, 104 provincial committees, 20 regional committees and 11 foreign offices (Albania, Azerbaijan, Belgium, France, Portugal, San Marino, Senegal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa). Furthermore, OPES is the only Italian component of E.N.G.S.O. (European, Non Governmental sports organization)

On the 1st of July 2020, OPES turned 40 and entered a particular decade, that of awareness and maturity. Always facing the challenges of modernity and changing society, the institution wants to establish itself as an organization with a recognizable imprint, capable of creating and implementing effective and sustainable models for the different socio-cultural and sporting contexts in which it operates.

The Vision traced by the board is well defined:

Inspire and nurture Sport and the Third Sector, both in Italy and abroad. In these 4 decades it has done so through the actions, initiatives, projects and events it has promoted and implemented; through sports, volunteering, research and social inclusion activities; through the support given to other sports, cultural and social promotion organizations, but also by making itself permeable to a civil society that wants to make its contribution.

Our vision

Our mission

Improve the world we live in, step by step. This is our vision which is closely linked to our Mission: to manage a sustainable development program for sports, social and cultural promotion that generates value for the person and for the community.

Every day, enhancing the enormous resources offered by affiliates, territorial committees, executives, managers and men and women who put their passions and professional and academic experiences at the service of the Organization, OPES promotes ethical and social value of sport to improve the quality of life of people and, at the same time, to reinforce those pillars on which society lies.

The field of intervention is twofold: on the one hand there is the desire to be increasingly protagonists of sport, providing our affiliates with specific services ranging from membership to insurance, through continuous professional training and agreements; on the other hand, however, there is the need to establish the organization as an interpreter of the needs of society in order to provide the most suitable solutions in the field of the Third Sector, voluntary work, including sports, and the search for the common good.