Our work does not stop: let’s meet online

An online meeting was held on March 18th to discuss organisations’ progress. Each organisation was asked to upload its description, presentation, and logo to the website. 

A template was created by OPES to provide feedback to individuals about the organisations’ most effective strategies. Each organisation was asked to collaborate in finding 3-4 new types of good practices under the following guidelines: date of creation of the practice, duration of use, evaluation of the practices until now (impact). 

After discussing the collection of good practices, the organisations were asked to look for participants that would be willing to test the programme once it had been finalized. Following this, they discussed what needed to be included in the video tutorial to make sure it was appropriate before being published. 

Communication was the final topic covered in the online meeting. The website for the project was made accessible to ensure that each organisation was satisfied with its description and contact information. Social media platforms were used to attain as much traffic as possible by providing the public with information on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, websites, and newsletters. 

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