BAGS project: the Kick off in Rome

The new project BAGS has been kicked off in Rome between 31st August and the 1st of September with the first residential meeting of the partners.

OPES, LOGOS Basket Sedavì and ENGSO met in presence in the capital of Italy to start officially the new project. The RHA team was present online.

The Project

BAGS project will commit partners for 18 months focusing on the deep connection between sport and environment, a link which is not always immediately identified and understood.

And starting from this background, partners decided to work on promoting a behavioural change, by raising awareness on the topic and building the capacity of sport clubs and organizations to put in place sustainable measures when organizing trainings, competitions, and events.

The kick-off meeting

The meeting was held in the city centre of Rome, and the very first part was dedicated to the “get to know each other”. Each attendant, in presence and online, presented himself/herself and its organization and the experience done in the field of the project and the European project. The organization Logos Basket Sedavì is a newcomer in the process of Erasmus Plus and their perspective on that will be for sure an added value to set the work with the partners.

Partners used the meeting to set the path for the next steps, identifying tasks, a timeline and a way to work efficiently. Two main concept will guide the work:

  1. The principle of the good partners. The organizations involved in the process will support each other and will work following the principle of open communication and transparency;
  2. The impact that the project will have on the grassroots level of sport, considered as an impact in the short and medium term but to start a long term and sustainable process.

In general, partners will constantly work on raise awareness on the topic in the deep belief that “being conscious” is the first and fundamental step to make a change starting from our daily life.

Meeting will work online to proceed with the organization of a training course where a pool of participants from the different countries involved will be trained to plan local activities in their clubs/associations.

So, next stop Sedavì (Spain), where we will meet the BAGS team and work with them on making an impact in our local reality.

Stay tuned!!!

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