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Aim of the project With the project “Be Active for Greener Sport (BAGS)”, we want to raise awareness on the deep connection between environment and sport, supporting new attitudes in the sport field at the grassroots level and beyond. BAGS wants to promote a behavioural change, by raising awareness on the topic and building the […]

Play To Train

What Play to Train is an European project supported by the Erasmus Sport Programme. The project is led by OPES (Organizzazione per L’Educazione allo Sport). OPES promotes and organizes various activities in the field of sport that promotes social inclusion of all people from different backgrounds. OPES implements this project together with its partners Champion […]


What COME In is an European project supported by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme. The project is led by OPES, Organizzazione per l’Educazione allo Sport, which promotes and organize various activities in the field of sport and having social inclusion purposes. OPES implements the project together with its partners: ENGSO Youth, ANESTAPS, SPARC and Special Olympics. […]

A hat-trick for inclusion

Who The project “A hat trick for inclusion: recognizing, preventing and contrasting hate speech for more inclusive sport” is supported by Erasmus Plus Programme and it’s guided by Opes. Our partners organizations are: ADEVA Asociatia Se Poate Eurocircle Association Aicem Italia Why Hate speech covers “all forms of expressions that spread, incite, promote or justify […]

Sport for Children’s Development

Background The project is based on the well-recognised benefits that sport activities exercise on children. Many researches at the international levels have shown how doing sport provides children not just with physical well-being, but it is also an important factor on children’s psychological and social development. Despite these aspects being well recognized, the sport environment […]


Background The project idea comes from some assumptions: The role of volunteerism to enhance economic and social inclusion of volunteers; The role of sport as an instrument to transmit crucial values while enhancing mental and physical wellbeing. The two assumptions are deeply connected each other. Benefits of volunteerism in sport activities have, indeed, been widely […]